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tv   FOX 35 News at 10PM  FOX  February 3, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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ps now on fox 35 news. >> three people shot in a brevard county business, and tonight we're talking to the hero who wrestled the person to the ground. the new ruling tonight and what it means for the disgraced comedy legends. our could front is out of the way. that means some rain for tomorrow. how heavy will be that? i have our forecast. we start tonight with some breaking news from marion county. a sheriff's deputy recovering a possible gunshot wound to the leg after a shooting at an ocala
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they were called out to a kangaroo gas station where a man was in the parking lot with multiple handguns. at one point he raised one of the handguns to his head and they tried to calm him down. that's when the suspect began firing at deputies and they wounded the man. again, he and the suspect both taken to the hospital. we've got a crew headed to the scene in ocala. stay tuned for fox 35 news at 10:00 and at 11:00. we'll have the latest information as soon as that crew gets there. developing tonight from brevard county a dispute over a bill. two were shot and injured at a tax return place. >> this happening at the ttc tax refund center north of cocoa.
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details. valerie. >> reporter: deputies are searching for evidence behind me. right now they haven't made any arrests because they're still trying to figure out what exactly happened. >> i heard him call me, james, help me. >> reporter: he was taking a break outside this tax office when he heard a gun going off. deputies rushed to the scene of the ttc tax refund place. >> my cousin told me to come inside. -- [ indistinguishable ] >>reporter: james says all three of the men struggled to get the gun. >> my cousin was holding the gun like this, and i just had to keep -- what do you call that, the clip, the muzzle of the gun away from me, my cousin and the guy. >> reporter: the owner of this pawn shop says two bullets went
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he told me he felt pain but was just grazed. james says the man got hit, he was later picked up outside a pizza place. james tells us his cousin also got injured. >> he got grazed here and a big, old gash in his head. >> reporter: he says the man was upset because his girlfriend thought she was overbilled. >> nah, it was a bank fee. >> reporter: no arrests have been made. >> of course i wasn't going to get any business for the rest of the day. i was, like, might as well close up. >> reporter: the shooting shut down this clearlake road strip mall. >> there are other ways to settle these disputes. >> reporter: james is relieved it wasn't worse. >> at least no one died today.
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the men is in critical condition. live in brevard county, valerie boey, fox 35 news. all right, valerie. thanks. get ready to some changes to the forecast. if you like rain you'll probably be happy. >> we do have some big changes out of the way. this cold front is going to sweep this place slowly starting tomorrow morning. a cold front up to the north. that cold front is moving in our direction, and it looks like as we go through the day tomorrow, again, those showers will begin to move on in. again, an animation already showing some big storms up to the north. those nasty storms will remain to the north, but they will also be weakening as they approach a little later on tonight. looks like first thing tomorrow morning some scattered showers moving into the ocala-gainesville area. late morning, early afternoon for any rain to get into metro orlando. here's the computer model at about noon, 1:00 p.m. tomorrow.
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showers moving through. winds swinging around to the north. and the cooler weather starting to move in. one to we have increasing clouds. much many of as to how much rain to expect for tomorrow. more on the cooler temperatures, more on that coming up. and you can check the weather 24/7 by downloading our free fox 35 app. you can text iphone or android to 87057. covering volusia county now. more talk about the homeless problem in daytona beach. kirstin delgado has more. >> reporter: make sure there's mcial outcomes. don't build a shelter. ask how many people is this going to get out of homelessness? >> reporter: residents after residents thanking members of the community coming forward with a six-figure donation to help the homeless and acknowledging more work needs to be done. >> don't give it to somebody else to feed people.
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get people out of homelessness. >> reporter: the county has committed $4 million to build safe harbor a 250-bed facility to temporarily house the homeless. safe harbor isn't a permanent fix but says the problem is complex and requires a lead we are a plan. the homeless in daytona beach have a variety of problems. >> then you have folks that have substance abuse, mental illnesses, and the criminal element mixed in. not to mention veterans and everybody else. the trick is, in my opinion, a leader has to identify the problem, and the leader has to say, here's the solution, follow me. >> reporter: michael cornell says he's housed over 200 veterans and has a plan to make everyone homeless person in his care self-sufficient. >> when i came on board and design led the veteran's program
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where are we trying to get to and you design that. get the whole thing. i hear comprehensive and what does that mean? none of these folks have actually done it. i've done it and hopefully they'll do that and look at that. >> and that was kirstin delgado reporting. well, tonight the lake county sheriff's office confirms a body found buried in a backyard in paisley is that of dennis jones. jones owned the body. investigators found the body on pennsylvania street two weeks ago. they now believe it may have been there since late november. they haven't yet said how he died. developing right now, licensed gun owners would be allowed to openly carry their weapons and take them onto state college campuses. that's under two bills right now passed today by the florida house. one of the bills would allow lawmakers to carry concealed weapons onto the chamber floor and into committee meetings.
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heading to the state senate. we've got a fox 35 crime alert. the orange county sheriff's office searching for, well, batman tonight. you can see this accused crook right here. that's a batman outfit, got the mask. he hits a dollar general store. about half an hour later, similar description, again, batman, the dollar general on south golden rod. if you recognize him call 800-423-tips. two more gop candidates drop out of the race for the white house. rick sanatorium calling it quits and rand paul dropped out today, saying he will turn his full attention to his senate re-election bid. paul tells the press he does not plan to endorse any candidate, but santorum is backing someone else. here's what he said earlier
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>> we decided to support marco rubio. someone i feel a lot of confidence in. he is the new generation, and someone that can bring this country together. not just moderate to conservatives but young and old. >> reporter: senator rubio spoke about santorum's endorsement tonight. >> he's very active in our campaign -- [ indistinguishable ] >> and earlier tonight in new hampshire rubio also promised to run a civilized campaign. >> again, it's this constant pinning people against each other. it's hurting our country badly. we can disagree on things. i'm a dolphins fan, you're a patriots fan. maybe that's a bad example, be u my point is we can disagree on things. we have a republic. there's a chance to work together. i'll never pit americans against
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>> reporter: rubio tweeted tonight he picked ut the endorse ment of the massachusetts paper. bernie sanders is speeding hillary clinton so far in new hampshire, but the former secretary of state says she still plans to fight. >> i'll be really candid with you. a lot of folks said, well, you know, she's behind in new hampshire. her opponent is from the neighboring state. maybe she should just skip new hampshire and go on to the states that come later. well, i read all that. i saw, you know, all the pundants talking about it. and not on your life. i would never quit on new hampshire. i would never do that. >> clinton went onto say having a dmat in the white house means a better economic in america. be sure to join us this weekend.
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airs saturday night at 11:00 right here on fox 35, and sunday morning again at 7:30 on our sister station, my65. this just in from california. a car lands on the roof of a home in the pacific neighborhood of los angeles. you can see a road behind the home. the car went airborne at a high rate of speed. as we said it landed on the roof. no word if the driver was hurt. bob? well, coming up on fox 35 news. that zika outbreak is getting even more serious. governor rick scott has declare add health emergency in four florida counties what. this means and what you need to know to keep you and your family safe. another giant step forward for nasa's program. a key opponented arrived that will take astronauts deeper into space. we'll show it to you and when it's expected to fly to the final pron fear. and are you kidding me?
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criminal so they don't break the law again. fox 35 investigates how this controversial plan would work
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` fox 35 health alert. the zika outbreak is getting more serious. governor rick scott has declared a health emergency in four florida cities. at least nine cases of mosquito-born illnesses have been detected. investigators have been exploring the possibility that it could also possibly be sexually transmitted. people who get the zika virus
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and conjunctitis and smaller heads in babies as well as brain damage. >> reporter: zika is a strangely-named virus with scary consequences, made clear by video of newborns in brazil born with birth defects. >> we had a lady e-mail my office who's thinking about getting pregnant and having a baby this year. she's nervous. >> reporter: governor rick scott's emergency declaration he orders mosquito sprayers in the residential areas and officials to explain to the public what it is and how to prevent it. >> it sounds like what governor scott is trying to do is stay ahead of this virus. >> reporter: the two cases here are not life threatening and were brought here by people bitten by mosquitoes. areas around the infected homes are being inspected.
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do not have zika virus that can spread from person to person. >> reporter: still, county commissioners want more public outreach. commissioner sandy murman urged the county to expedite presentation which was originally expect inside two weeks. >> my office is literally buzzing with requests for mosquito spraying. >> reporter: zika has no cure, which is why prevention is to important. dr. joe says it's hard to say whether it will start spreading here. >> we have all of the ingredients that make that virus able to spread in our community, and so we have to be smart. >> reporter: evan axlebank, fox 35 news. >> three, two, one, zero it. liftoff. space shuttle. with the shuttle program now
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new way to get men and women back in space. at the orion project. parts arrived at the kennedy space center. >> reporter: this is just parts of the spacecraft that nasa says will travel deeper and farther into space, it is just the skeleton that the point and nasa has a lot of work ahead to get this thing launched. this is the skeleton of spacecraft. the shell of o orion. over the next 18 months here at the kennedy space center, american workers in florida will transform it into a working spacecraft adding protective tiles and heat shield to the outside, and flight hardware to the inside. >> when we decided to build
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moametus decision, quality, dedication and talent to putting spacecraft together. >> new american space exploration. >> reporter: the first orion spacecraft ever was launched a year ago here that hurled nasa's orion3600 miles into space on it's very first test flight. it lasted over four and a half hours before the capsule came falling back to earth at 27,000 miles per hour until it landed in the pacific ocean. nasa called it a flawless flight. >> to a gentle return back to earth. >> reporter: especially for the heat shield that showed less wear than expected. nasa admits, much was learned on
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they claim will improve the performance of the second spacecraft, but astronauts like stan love, will be watching every step of the way to make sure safety is a priority. >> all the testing, all the design, all the big design review boards to make sure the spacecraft will be as soon as possible so they don't forget we have people on board. >> reporter: once the work here at kennedy space center is finished it will be shipped to ohio for further testing before eventually coming back for launch. at the kennedy space center, derrol nail, faz. >> the united launch alliance is getting ready for another launch friday at cape cape canaveral going to bring a u.s. air force navigation into space. 8 it 38:00 to 8:57 a.m. is the launch time. stay with fox 35. we'll have the latest.
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more on the cold front coming up. and later, find out why orlando is the best place in the country to inin 1 193934,4, ststeaeak k 'n'n s shahakeke d dececidideded ththe e woworlrld d dididndn't't n neeeedd ananototheher r hahambmbururgeger.r. itit n neeeedededd a a ststeaeakbkbururgeger.r. soso t thehey y ususeded 10100 0 pepercrcenent t bebeefef.. ququicick k sesearareded t too sesealal i in n ththe e flflavavoror . ..... ..... . yoyou'u'llll o onlnly y gegett frfromom a a s steteakakbuburgrgerer.. ststeaeak k 'n'n s shahakeke,,
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another day of nice, hot weather. >> that line of storms coming through. not severe, though, right? >> nasty up to the north, but we will be in good shape. our forecast right now looks mainly cloudy, some scattered shower, of course, trying to form a little bit ahead of the front.
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to the north right through florida. up in gainesville it looks like it's going to be hitting you in the next hour or two, but that will not be the case. not until around 7:00, 8:00 in the morning that's when you'll have a few showers moving on through. the front is weakening, and the front is also slowing down. so earlier today some nasty storms, also this evening, but now you can see how most of the lightening is found off shore where we have some slightly warmer waters. 73 in the villages. mild night. 72-degrees. currently downtown 72 is our normal, high temperature for this day. at 10:30 at night it's still 72. temperatures tonight running 1-2-degrees warmer. low to mid-60s for everyone, dew
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lake owe la 72-degrees. a lot of folks out walking the dogs and the cats. mainly up to the north. on and off rain showers pretty much all day for tomorrow. wind will begin to slowly shift, and then the cooler weather starts to move in. then you'll feel that change by friday morning when temperatures get down into the 40s and 50s. 68-degrees in jacksonville, 74 in miami, 57 out towards pensacola. we're keeping an eye on this front. this front will continue to slow down and continue to weaken. the latest computer model is this upper-level divergence is minimal. there's not a lot of lift. we don't have the type of dynamics to produce weather. the low pressure is not anywhere near us. it's located up towards tran -- toronto, canada. this is already noon to 1:00.
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ocala, then leesburg. scattered showers continue into the latter part of the afternoon and evening. here's around 7:00 tomorrow evening. winds swinging around to the northwest. more light showers, and then heading into late tomorrow evening around 10:00 to as late as midnight still a chance for a few, remaining, little showers. this front is really going to slow down later tonight and weaken further. 7-day forecast, well, it's a good one if it pops up. i hope it will. the 7-day forecast does show some cooler temperatures showing up as we get into the day -- there it comes -- into the day on friday. high of 64. and your weekend highs in the 60s by sunday and we'll stay in the 60s for next week. hi, everyone, amy kaufeldt from good day orlando. more candidates call it quits. others say they're changing their ways. tomorrow on good day orlando a political expert will join us to
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doing that. and jayme is tracking your latest weather. we want to make a quick correction of our in-depth look at the presidential race, airs saturday morning at 7:30 on my65 and saturday night at 11:00 p.m. right here on fox 35. we hope you'll join us. a florida family is turning their grief into action. >> a father who lost his son in a florida police shooting is calling for changes to help police departments handle their body cameras. details after the break. save you some cash on the pump patrol. $1.54 in orlando. and a penny more at the racetrack on south apopka stores drive in orlando. you're watching fox 35 news at 10:00.
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```@ right now on fox 35 news. >> we want to update you on that breaking news out of marion
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sheriff's deputy recovering after a gunshot wound to the leg. deputies were called out to that kangaroo gas station. we have a picture from the marion county facebook page. the man started shooting at him, so they fired back and hit him. a man from the sheriff's office shot in the leg. he and the us suspect had to be taken to the hospital. we have a crew headed out to the scene. stay tuned. we'll have the very latest. i wasn't looking for this, but it happened to my family. >> the family of a florida man shot and killed by a police officer goes to the state capital to make an emotional plea to the governor. corey jones. >> he was a drummer on the way home from a gig when his car broke down on the side of i-95, but what happened next is still
10:29 pm
>> if there were body cameras they would have answers. we all would have answers as to why a church drama-broke down at 3:00 in the morning on october 18th last year, was confronted by ununiformed officer and is dead. >> reporter: the family of corey jones went to the governor's office today to ask him to support a bill that would regulate how law enforcement would use body cameras. >> they get to pass legislation, and i'll look at it as it comes to my desk. >> reporter: the police officer who shot and killed corey jones was not wearing a body camera. he has already been fired. >> it may be your son or daughter. i wouldn't expecting this. i wasn't looking for this, but
10:30 pm
>> reporter: the bill would only aemploy -- apply to agencies requiring to carry body cameras. state law currently does not require such policies. >> i cannot even imagine the feeling that they are going through right now knowing that their brother is dead. knowing that we as a legislature, we hold the responsibility to make sure that this law is passed and the governor signs it. >> since that shooting since last october. they've spent a quarter and a million dollars to buy body cameras for their police officers. president obama made his first visit to a mosque toad. -- today, challenging americans to not be bystanders in bigotry. mr. obama delivered a message to
10:31 pm
recently someone called for increasing limits on muslim immigration, to which mr. obama asked for acceptance before judgment. >> we're one american family, and when any part of our family starts to feel separate or second class or targeted it tears the very fabric of our nation. >> critics accuse mr. obama of playing politics and point out the islamic society of baltimore center was a poor choice, including around ties to islamic extremists. a killer on the run after a murder at an apartment complex in orlando. jackie orozco kicks off tonight's nightly news wrap. >> reporter: orlando police are looking for several suspect who is they say were involved in a double shooting. they had this entire area blocked off last night, and we know that a neighbor told us one person was found dead right there in that parking lot.
10:32 pm
located in the 4800 block of cypress woods drive. deticktives are still working on trying to find the motive of this shooting. opd's not releasing too many details about this shooting, but they're asking the public for any information to call crime line. -- targeted by hackers. why and how they found out. >> a pastor and a webmaster for a church here in deland believe that their church's web site was targeted by some hackers out of china. the spring garden church of christ in deland had hundreds, even thousands of hits a day. a lot of it was coming from china. they have since changed their pass codes and changed the security on their web site. there's no valuable information on the site. more details tonight about deadly hang blieding accident.
10:33 pm
into the ground. >> 40-year-old thomas of new york is dead after investigators say the hang glider he was in fell some 35 feet. investigators say he was in this glider around 6:00 p.m. the only students in the training session and just took off to get into the air. witnesses say they sawed glider fall to the ground. he was pronounced dead on scene. investigators say he was on his third training session of the day with u.s. hang gliding inc. out of new york. the faa is not investigating this crash, but the marion county sheriff's office is. >> for the latest on these stories and other local news any time check out our website, a pennsylvania judge ruled today that the sexual assault case against bill cosby can move forward. in the 2005 the local district attorney decided not charge
10:34 pm
does not prept prosecutors for -- prevent prosecutors from putting him on trial now. the current da argues it wasn't a binding agreement. the stage is set for trial. cosby is accused of drugging and sexual assaulting a former temple university employee at his home in philadelphia back in 2004. they say crime doesn't pay. not so fast. details on a proposal that would pay criminals behave. coming up on fox 35 news at 11:00. breaking news out of southeast georgia. this is an imagine -- wow, just into our newsroom. that's the army base near savannah. that's a tornado on the ground. all the damage coming up. ever wish you could take a picture of the world? how you can do that by leasing one of the cameras on the international space station. that's coming up in just about
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hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. new tonight at 10:00. are you kidding me? washington, d.c. local lawmakers approved a bill that would pay people basically to behave. >> criminals at risk of breaking the law again would get cash if they attend therapy and other programs. fox's matt reports. >> reporter: right now a recent au grad killed in a daytime shooting outside a metro station apparently caught in the cross fire. >> violent crime was the lead story many nights in the nation's capital this past summer. street shootings, innocent people gunned down, and a crime bill they've agreed on is now
10:39 pm
>> if this is a bill to pay criminals to stop being criminals that would tell me that the council that sponsored this bill is intellectually bankrupt. >> reporter: the program in rich mand, california, he says according to the ap79% of those in his program have not been suspected of gun violence since joining the program. >> washington, d.c., we're excited about the interest and d.c. looking at the work that we're doing in the city of richmond in terms of reducing fire a.m. assault and associated injury and death, saving young black men and brown men. >> reporter: council member david who backs the crime bill says this is an out of the box effort to reduce d.c. crime. >> it's a different approach. it's thinking outside the box, so it's going to take some time for people to understand where we're going, but in the long run
10:40 pm
off. >> reporter: in washington, fox 35 news. the humidity is on the rise. dew points are going way up, and
10:41 pm
rain inin 1 193934,4, ststeaeak k 'n'n s shahakeke d dececidideded ththe e woworlrld d dididndn't't n neeeedd ananototheher r hahambmbururgeger.r. itit n neeeedededd a a ststeaeakbkbururgeger.r. soso t thehey y ususeded 10100 0 pepercrcenent t bebeefef.. ququicick k sesearareded t too sesealal i in n ththe e flflavavoror . ..... frfromom a a s steteakakbuburgrgerer.. ststeaeak k 'n'n s shahakeke,, hohomeme o of f ththe e ororigigininalal ststeaeakbkbururgeger.r. new tonight at 10:00.
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a gentle sea cow is attracting crowds. the manatee has been seen times along lake trout. wildlife experts are not sure why it's here, with but the adult manatee had to pass through three navigation locks to arrive at trout lake. he usually migrates south for the winter. two hollywood celebrities caught flirting with a reporter from miami. the reporter was there to get a quick interview for the movie "how to be single." >> how cute your socks are. >> thank you. i know they're there. >> we know they're there. >> are you single? >> you're handsome. >> thank you. tell me more. >> you have cute socks. >> you have really big muscles. >> olivia.
10:43 pm
>> this is amazing. [ laughter ] >> get in here! >> hi, i'm -- [ laughter ] >> barbie going to knock her out of the way. >> wait, where are you from? >> miami. oh, forget it. he lives in miami. can you take off your shirt? which one? >> all of them. >> sure. >> we can start with the jacket. and we're going to cut it right there. i think we are. no, we're not. we're going let it roll. [ laughter ] >> i heard the audio go down. let's listen in. >> we won't speak. yeah. >> this is, like, bribing me. okay, how about now? >> uh-huh. >> what? what? so we're going to do the swer view like this? >> okay. [ laughter ] >> that looks great. >> so we're going to do the rest of the interview like this?
10:44 pm
like this all the time. i feel really comfortable. >> great. >> can everyone leave? comfortable. >> everyone in studio was, like, can you -- yeah, that would not fly otherwise, but it was entertaining, i guess. that was reporter chris vanvleet. he did have some fun with this on twitter saying, quote, when they ask you to take your shirt off during the interview that's what you do, right? lol. i guess it is what he started to do there, glenn. we had to fade to black just to make sure that we didn't offend anyone too much. >> well, it is 10:00 at night, so i think we're okay. forecast right now here in central florida. live radar is currently rain free, but this cold front is going to move through the area. as we go through the afternoon and evening tomorrow. there has been some severe weather with this front, but the
10:45 pm
so it looks like as it arrives here in central florida we're mainly looking at a rain event. rainfall totals running about a quarter to half an inch of rain with heavier amount expected up towards ocala and gainesville. temperatures mainly in the 07s and dew points holding in the 60s. very muggy weather out there for tonight and rain moving into the area as we go through the day tomorrow. 82-degrees, that will be the high temperature for tomorrow. again, scattered showers will begin as we go through the morning and into the afternoon. again, the best chance will be for some heavier rain a little farther up to the north. friday, 64-degrees. that is going to be the high temperature. that's a big, big change for overnight lows getting back down into the 40s on saturday and sunday. again, a nice, cooldown, so instead of highs in the 80s we're looking at daytime highs mainly in the 70s on saturday. low 60s during the day on
10:46 pm
stay us with. instead of getting a big warm up once again over the last couple weeks. we cool things down and send the temperatures right back up into the 80s. looks like next week we'll stay quite cool. wednesday. the overnight lows, too, quite cool. actually next week it will be, again, it's been quite some time since we've seen this. we will be looking at daytime highs and overnight lows, both, being below normal. definitely big, big change on the way with this cold front and the big pattern shift across the u.s. into next week.
10:47 pm
planner and 7-day forecast in introducing longhorn' s steaks that sizzle for $12.99. like the new smoky bacon sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. only at longhorn steakhouse. you cant fake steak. part by morgan and morgan. in tonight's o town countdown. >> number three. >> there's a new way to get
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six zip cars debuted today. allow i don'ting you to rent cars by the hour. paula dean will be signing her cook book tomorrow night. the signing runs from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on east colonial drive. >> number one. >> for the second year in a row orlando was the fifth most popular place to move in the country. penske truck rental, atlanta came in number one. countdown. we want to -- we want you to wish a happy birthday to a very special dog. alucia, the italian greyhound. he's a volunteer with florida hospital's pet therapy program. well, they help him celebrate his 15th birthday today. he got a hat, attention, and treats. he's making the round helping
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his owner kicked off a fundraiser today trying to raise $1,500 for the pet therapy program at the florida hospital for children. she went to the hospital to visit her the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. well, it turned into a two
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two cousins born within minutes of each other. one pregnant woman arrive add at hospital to welcome her sister-in-law's baby. she had her baby before her sister will law who was already in labor. >> her moment. she's having a baby, not me, but [ laughter ] >> surprise! i had a baby before you. >> wow. the two cousins born about an hour apart. they believe it is proof on how tight their bond is. congrats to them. much more coming up next at 11:00. bob? all right, thank you very much, sonni, that's great. breaking news a central florida deputy shot after a shooting a at gas station.
10:52 pm
also tonight three people rather -- new at 11:00. spying from space. how some may be able to use the space station as their own private surveillance station. flee -- three shot at a florida strip mall. we're hearing from witnesses. we got to begin tonight with some breaking news out of marion county. a deputy is shot after a suspect opens fire at a gas station. southeast 20th street near baseline road at marathon kangaroo gas station. tracy jacim we had on the scene there, and unfortunately she was unable to join us for this. again,s a -- as we i understand it there was a suspect at the gas station and had raised one
10:53 pm
and at one point started opening
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